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We are USDA certified Organic Wheatgrass Growers and Handlers.

Gayle and Dan Mendenhall have been growing and drinking Wheatgrass for nearly twenty five years. We live in Southern California and have been supplying juice bars in our area for over fifteen years. See a list of the Southern California juice bars we currently supply. juice bars

Gayle has been bagging and refrigerating Cut Wheatgrass for years. She began cutting and bagging our excess Wheatgrass for her own personal juicing. We found out that cut and bagged Wheatgrass would last a week or more, in the refrigerator! The added bonus was that the " cold " grass tasted even better when juiced! It took some time before we introduced Fresh Cut/Bagged Wheatgrass to our customers.

However, when one of the juice bar owners was tired and frustrated with little room for storing full sized flats of Wheatgrass in his small store, he was ready to discontinue carrying it. He had no refrigerator room, nor did he have shelf space. In addition to the fact that un-refrigerated flats had to be watered and spoiled easily. Haven't you experienced over-ripe, yellowing, limp wheatgrass being cut and juiced for you, Yuk! We were ready to offer an alternative! Cut and Bagged Wheatgrass! It changed everything. Easy storage, no watering, no spoilage, better taste, consistant quality. Customers quickly accepted the new method and we have been supplying cut Wheatgrass for ten years.. We have yet to receive a complaint regarding our product!

We all know that there are those "purists" out there who would never accept this new way. They think that nutrition is lost and that the only way is to have it cut before their very eyes. They are making a false assumption. Think about it, all produce is harvested in the field, wrapped, bagged, boxed and sent to market. Why would Wheatgrass be any different? Besides, the nutrients are sealed inside of the cell walls. Not until it is juiced and exposed to the air do the nutrients start to oxydize and break down. So, the good news is that you can have fresh cut Wheatgrass shipped to your door and enjoy all of the nutritional benefits of Wheatgrass in you own home!

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