What is Wheatgrass juice?

A juice extracted from organic winter wheat sprouts. By cutting the shoots at an early stage, we receive the "Life Force" that each seed has in it's first few days of growth. Part of this Life Force can be measured as enormous nutritional value. There is also Chlorophyll present in the grass that comes from the energy of the sun!

NUTRITIONAL CONTENT: According to Ann Wigmore's "The Wheatgrass Book", Wheat grass juice is a complete food with no toxic side effects. It contains most of the vitamins and minerals needed for human maintenance. It is one of the richest sources of vitamins A, B, C, and E. In addition, Wheat Grass juice supplies the minerals calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur, cobalt, and zinc. It is also a complete protein with all 8 essential, 17 total Amino Acids. Wheatgrass also contains about 30 active live enzymes. And is approximately 70 % crude chlorophyll.

ENERGIZER: The vitality obtained from wheat grass juice is remarkable. Two ounces of fresh juice equals 3 pounds of choice organic vegetables in vitamins and minerals. On an empty stomach, it is assimilated into the bloodstream in about 20 minutes. The vitality lasts through the day.

WEIGHT LOSS: The nutritional value of wheat grass juice is so high that many people experience loss of appetite, a wonderful aid in weight reduction!

BUILDER: Both chlorophyll (as in wheat grass juice) and hemoglobin (red blood cells) consist in part of similar atoms. The only actual difference is that the central element in chlorophyll is magnesium; in hemoglobin, it is iron. Chlorophyll has the property of breaking down poisonous carbon dioxide and releases free oxygen, which inhibits and reduces the action of anaerobic bacteria (a disease-producing micro-organism: cancer, for example). Wheat grass has been proven to build red blood cells quickly after ingestion. It normalizes high blood pressure and stimulates healthy tissue cell growth.

HEALER: According to Survival in the 21st Century, "In therapeutic amounts it will detoxify the body by increasing the elimination of hardened mucus, crystallized acids and solidified, decaying fecal mater. Its high enzyme content helps dissolve tumors. Fastest, surest way to eliminate internal waste and provide an optimum nutritional environment.

CLEANSER: The many detergent factors of wheat grass juice will drain the lymph system, which carries away many toxins from all body cells. When an imbalance or injury exists (example: sore tendons or joints: a degenerative disease, etc.) , there is a natural build-up of mucus in the lymph area. This mucus is encapsulated so as not to endanger the flow of lymph. Wheat grass juice will break down the mucus and allow it to drain, relieving pressure and allowing the healing properties of the juice to bathe the area.

HOW TO START DRINKING WHEAT GRASS JUICE: The juice will have different effects on different people depending on their level of toxicity. For those who experience a refreshing taste and feel immediate vitality, 2 ounces a day is recommended for maintenance. Because of the high enzyme content of the juice it starts an immediately breakdown of toxins and mucus in the stomach and then passes into the bloodstream. Fresh wheat grass juice is best drunk on an empty stomach or in 1/2 glass of water, 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal. Sip the juice slowly and allow it mix with saliva. Retain it in the mouth to take advantage of the healing effect on gums and teeth. Carrot or vegetable juices are good chasers. For more information contact your local health food store*.

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